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by Wolfgun

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    we at ORION LTD wish to offer you an escape from your daily lives of turmoil and chaos. developed by leaders in psycho-acoustic therapy, this specially formulated sample is part of our larger, more intensive program designed to help you feel more alert, energetic, and alive. we hope that in experiencing this small portion, your eyes will be opened to new possibilities; that you will see more clearly, that you will shine brighter from within. soon, our full program will be available to the public, and after the night... we will rise.

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released 30 April 2014

composition, lyrics, vocals, production by: wolfgun



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Rise
yeah, it's on the line
we live our lives
to run and fight

oh, after the night
we will rise,
we will rise!
Track Name: Myth
she was a stone
yeah, a castle
made of granite
and where she walked
was only death
and only she could tame it

her eyes like smoke
would swallow any mountain
and when she spoke
the words were like fire
and all who heard
fell silent in her wake

she was a star
a fiery drone of matter
and where she shone
was only warmth
and life rose up to love her

her hair like gold
would fall upon her shoulders
but if she moves
to face your soul
your heart will turn to stone

she will rise
she will rise
she will rise
from heavenly dust

for the blood
of the scum
and the filth
who've stolen her trust

gather up
gather up
gather up
your sorrow and woe

for the sins
of the past
with her hate
she'll never let go,
she'll never let go